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gold, platinum, titanium and lithium + 17 other elements

A technology and precious metals mining and refining company, with operations across Ukraine, China, Greenland, Europe and Africa.

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The full annual report and accounts for 2019.


Half year results for 2022. Available soon.

Press & Insights

6 October 2022

Gofer Mining acquired strontium mine in Tibet

We have acquired 100% of the operations of a strontium only mine in Tibet for a sum of £ 19 million.

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12 September 2020

Gofer Mining acquired the operating Volnovakha mine

We have acquired 100% of the mining and development rights for the Volnovakha mine, plus assets on site...

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20 February 2020

Gofer Mining agreed 118 million EPC agreement with CAMCE

Gofer Mining plans to extensively develop the Transcarpathian mining...

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