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Gofer Mining agreed 118 million EPC agreement with CAMCE

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Gofer Mining agreed 118 million EPC agreement with CAMCE

Gofer Mining plc is pleased to announced that it has agreed an US $ 118 million EPC agreement with China CAMC Engineering for developing mining infrastructure in the Carpathian Mountains.

CAMCE is a listed Chinese company with a market value above US $ 3 billion and is 60% owned by the China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH). CAMCE focuses on providing EPC services on large international projects and has experience in development and implementation of multiple mining projects.

CAMCE owns Canadian based Procon Mining & Tunnelling, which is one of the leading mine development contractors in North America. They will be participating in the project. This is in in line with their unique skillset building complex underground mining development and civil infrastructure projects, often in remote Northern locations.

Gofer Mining plans to extensively develop the Transcarpathian mining region fits well within the China proposed Belt and Road Initiative and this agreement is seen as a first step of many in cooperation between SINOMACH and Gofer Group.

The Carpathian Mountain mining projects, of which Gofer Mining has 6, are of nature and unique characteristics reflective of the cooperative philosophy for strengthening trilateral economic relations by the United Kingdom, Ukraine and China within such initiatives.

Contact Jeff using his profile below for any investor queries and Jenny for any media requests reference the current press release.

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