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Who we are

Gofer Mining plc is a London based technology and precious metals mining and refining company.

The company was founded in 2019 and has operations across Ukraine, China, Greenland, Europe and Africa.

A member of the Gofer Group, majority owned by Gofer Wealth plc as well as controlled by The Commonwealth Crown

Apart from its core business of gold, platinum, titanium and lithium, the company primarily focuses on rare metals used in technology like vanadium, niobium, cadmium, tungsten, mercury, tin, tantalum, zirconium, strontium and silver, as well as secondary on traditional metals like copper, manganese, zinc and lead.

Whilst an auxiliary part of business for the company it also deals in mining of Iron, Barite and Arsenic.

April 2019
Gofer Mining plc established with £31.8 million capital
May 2019
Obtained public status and £ 250 million long term credit line from Barclays plc
June 2019
Acquired 91% of Zakarpatpolimetally LLC (Ukraine)
October 2019
Acquired 100% of Saulyak LLC and Began LLC (Ukraine)
February 2020
Acquired 51% of Resource 500 FEVTI Ltd (Greenland)
April 2020
Acquired 100% of Ituri Mining Limited (Congo-Kinshasa)
September 2020
Acquired 100% of Volnovakha Mine operations from Ukrainian Government
November 2020
Acquired 100% of Eldorado Mine operations from Kenyan Government
December 2020
Posted total revenue of £ 406.3 million and £ 41.1 million pre-tax profits
December 2021
Posted total revenue of £ 1.7 billion and £ 106 million pre-tax profits
October 2022
Acquired 100% of strontium mine in Tibet from Chinese Government
December 2022
Estimating to post total revenue of £ 4.3 billion and £ 308 million pre-tax profits


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4000+ staff

icon - locations

21 operating locations
6 mines, 5 exploration, 3 refineries and 7 offices

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9 development projects
3 in Europe, 4 in Ukraine, 1 in Greenland and African discovery program

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£ 1,285 million global investment plan to 2030
41.48% completed since 2019

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10.87% debt to capital employed ratio
£ 794.3 million capital employed

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£ 77 million committed to CSR over last 3 years