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Who we are

Gofer Mining plc is a London based gold, lithium and other metals and minerals mining and refining company, with operations in Ukraine, Greenland and Greece, and a member of the Gofer Group.

Apart from its core business of gold and lithium, the company focuses on developing more specialised resources like barite, cadmium, vanadium and titanium.

The company also deals in traditional metals like copper, zinc and lead and other metals including precious materials.

April 2019
Gofer Mining established with £31.8 million capital
May 2019
Obtained public status and £250 million in long term credit line
June 2019
Acquired 91% of Zakarpatpolimetally LLC
October 2019
Acquired 100% of Saulyak LLC and Began LLC
February 2020
Acquired 51% of Resource 500 FEVTI Ltd


icon - staff

450+ staff

icon - locations

14 operating locations
2 mines, 5 exploration, Greek refinery and 6 offices

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20 million to be committed to CSR in 2020

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6 development projects
2 in Greece, 2 in Ukraine, 1 in Greenland and Africa

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505 million sterling 5-year investment plan

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20% Debt to Capital Ratio