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Corporate Social Responsibility

When it comes to our social and environmental impacts and engaging with the local community, we take our responsibilities seriously as a company and group. Selecting projects that build relationships and leave a lasting legacy is part of the Gofer Group culture.

The company is committed to the welfare of the local community and works closely with the local population to identify worthwhile development projects. As a key part of our drive to support local communities and charities, our employees voted to elect Healthcare, the Environment and Sustainability as our global charitable theme.

The company is committed to being a good corporate citizen and as a major employer in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine in line with our commitment to protecting the wellbeing of our employees the company will build a hospital in the area that will be accessible for free for employees and local citizens alike.

In addition, the company has constructed roads, repaired bridges and enabled a village to obtain fresh water.

Due to the nature of our business we do have an impact on the environment and we are conscious about keeping it to a minimum. We commission consultants that help us innovate in the ways we can cut our carbon footprint and impact as well as build a sustainable business we can all be proud to represent.

In Muzhievo area for instance we plan to process all existing tailings left-over from the Soviet era in an environmentally friendly way and find uses for the final remaining product in construction and other areas.

Within the Gofer Group of companies there are environmentally focused companies like Gofer Tree that ensures our overall group business provides even more benefits alongside our efforts in Gofer Mining.